Introducing: VOICE by Salt City Sound Machine

VOICE by Salt City Sound Machine

VOICE by Salt City Sound Machine is our new service that takes the mo st special moments of your wedding and boosting them to the next level. And all you have to do is answer a simple question..

What does your future husband or wife mean to you?

Salt City Sound Machine will separate you, record your answers, and integrate your voice into your first dance, so that in that amazing moment, you’re hearing each other’s answers for the first time… making the most special moment of the reception, even more meaningful.

How about an example? We had some couples try out VOICE this year with some great results.

Christopher Waleski & Melissa Amidon

9/7/2019 | First Dance Song: Brett Young – In Case You Didn’t Know

Cory Moynihan & Liz Horne

10/19/2019 | First Dance Song: Coffey Anderson – Better Today

Daryl Acevedo & Becky Klementowski

8/17/2019 | First Dance Song: Ruelle – I Get To Love You

Welcome to Salt City Sound Machine

Welcome to our all new website! We hope you enjoy the all new experience. If you have any questions, or can’t find an item, please contact us by using the form on our contact page. We’ve also updated our logo!



Chris Lizzi and Chanele Dusart Wedding


Classic cars, superheroes, and a trip to Skaneateles were all in store for the 7/18/2014 wedding reception of Chris Lizzi and Chanele Dusart.  Salt City Sound Machine was back in the windowed backdrop overlooking Route 20 at the Sherwood Inn.  No ceremony this time, as Chris and Chanele got married previously, but there was a cocktail hour where the guests got to enjoy the setting, the décor and the awesome classic truck for the bride and groom on display outside the Sherwood.

As it goes with the Sherwood, Chris and Chanele were lined up two rooms away for their introductions.  As the names are called, they walk through the dining room into an auxiliary room where the dance floor and bar are located.  The introductions included parents and a 4-paired wedding party, followed by the bride and groom.  Everyone made their entrance to the Happy by Pharrell Williams.

However, as Chris and Chanele made their entrance, there was a bit of a wrinkle, as Happy was briefly interrupted by John Williams’ score to Superman (1978). Just then, Chris ripped open his tux shirt to show a Superman T-Shirt… a running theme as groomsmen and Father of the groom also had superhero T-shirts underneath their formal-wear.  The crowd got a big laugh and applause as the music reverted back to Happy and Chris and Chanele finished their grand entrance.

After the introductions, the crowd made their way into the dance-floor room for the bride and groom’s first dance (A Thousand Years – Christina Perri).  They looked on as Chris and Chanele shared one of the many moments of the day together.  Following the first dance were the parents dances.  Chris and Chanele took turns dancing with their represented parents, first with the Father/Bride dance (Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole) and the Mother/Son dance (It’s a Good Day – Chris Lizzi).

Yes, the Mother/Son dance was a song written, performed, and recorded by our groom.  As it had happened in a previous wedding, that kind of surprise is always well received.  In fact, the groom’s grandmother joined Chris and his mother for the dance, and finished the song with him. After those dances, the crowd went back into the dining room for some toasts and blessings, followed by a sit down dinner.

Dance time was great and the floor was filled throughout the night.  Energy was high that night at the Sherwood and the crowd fed off of it until the very last note.  Dancing was not privy to many group dances per the bride and groom’s do-not-play list, but there were many notable moments as the night went on.  The guests were treated to another song by our groom as Chris’s song Hillbillies was played with heavy requests and was met with some great dancing by the Chris’s friends.  Chris also got to sing live with one of his groomsman as they grabbed the microphone and checked lyrics on his phone to sing a karaoke style song.  Later, we also had a large conga line that snaked throughout both the dance floor room and the dining room. All the while, those who wanted to take a break could still enjoy the atmosphere by getting off their feet and sitting alongside the built-in benches in the dance room.

Of course, Chris and Chanele also got to participate in some ceremonial moments of the day.  First up, all the single ladies got on the dance floor as Chanele toss her bouquet to the presumable next bride up (Little White Church – Little Big Town).  Later on, shortly before 9pm, Chris and Chanele cut their cake (How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)), which allowed for more dance time throughout the night.  Later, there was a generations dance for all married couples (In My Life – The Beatles, What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong, & The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra).  Overall, the ceremonial parts of the evening were sprinkled in here and there, and never really took away from the flow of the night.

11pm came quickly with all the fun and it was time to shut it down. blog_dusart_dj_picThe bride and groom enjoyed their last dance, taking their tolls from the 80’s film Dirty Dancing ((I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes).  They all danced and enjoyed as the night came to a close.

Congratulations to Chris and Chanele.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine and we wish you the best of luck in the future!


Notable Songs

Richard Yung and Brenna Casler Wedding


Argyle socks!!  That’s what I think about when I think of the Yung/Casler wedding!  Well, that plus DJing at one of the best venues in Central New York for the first time, and the fact that Rich and Bre are a fantastic couple that were just a joy to work for… also, argyle socks!!! More on that in a second..

Rich and Breanna were married on 7/11/15, splitting time between the ceremony, which took place at the Springside Inn in Auburn, NY, and the reception at The Lodge at Welch Allyn… therefore Salt City Sound Machine was pulling double duty.  The Springside Inn features a gazebo on their sprawling lawn. Guests were seated in front of the gazebo separated by the aisle.  The parents and the wedding party including bride and groom took a long walk at the top of the lawn down to the gazebo for the ceremony.  The songs that accompanied them were: Minstrel Boy by The Corrs for the parents and groomsmen, The Cello Song by The Piano Guys for the bridesmaids, and A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys for Breanna’s lovely walk down the aisle.  Finally, after the vows and “I-do’s”, Rich and Bre were married and took their triumphant walk back to Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) by Stevie Wonder.  Then it was time to tear down the skeleton set up, pack up the car, and move the party to The Lodge.

The Lodge was ready for the arrival and amongst the standard wedding fare, featured a home-baked cake from the bride’s cousin, Hannah, and floral designs from Adrianne Kompf of Julie’s Flowers, one of the last local weddings she served before the big move to Arizona.  Guests arrived from the Springside almost immediately and cocktail hour began.  As the family and bridal party gathered on the upper level of the venue and were lined up for introductions, it was revealed that the groomsmen were all wearing argyle socks… which, in a complete coincidence,  I was rocking as well.  We all tucked our pants into our socks to show off the argyle and the reception began.

The Lodge features a dual staircase leading from the top floor to the bottom.  Each pairing that were introduced walked down the initial stairs, paused at the split, and continued with their entrance.  First were the parents of both the bride and groom  (Boogie Shoes – K.C. and the Sunshine Band), followed by the wedding party (Applause – Lady Gaga), and finally Rich and Bre (Let’s Get Married Remix – Jagged Edge).  Following the introductions, Bre and Rich enjoyed their First Dance (I Choose You – Sara Bareilles) followed shortly thereafter by the Father/Daughter dance (When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen) and the Mother/Son dance (What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong).  When the specific songs came to an end, everyone sat down for some speeches and toasts by Breanna’s Matron of Honor, Corinne, and Rich’s twin brother and Best Man, Benjamin.  Finally, it was time for a Stations style dinner for all of those in attendance who ate with an assortment of homemade desserts and candy at their tables.

After their meal, and a mid-dinner sunset picture for the Bride and Groom, the dancing started, lasting nearly three hours.  Bre and Rich had an assortment of requests ranging from the classic pop stylings of Michael Jackson to the modern hip-hop of the Ying Yang Twins and Flo Rida.  There were also group dances requested as the trend toward more modern steps such as The Wobble and Cupid Shuffle won out over older stuff like the Electric Slide, which resided firmly on the Do-Not-Play list.  The dancing also created a little bit of singing, as the flower girl, Bailey, grabbed the microphone for a performance of Let It Go.  Beyond that, the dance floor was filled throughout the evening, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Throughout dancing, Bre and Rich had some special moments scheduled.  The home-baked cake was cut directly after dinner (You Are the Best Thing – Ray Lamontagne) and enjoyed throughout the night.  Later on, Bre and Rich had a two-song Generations Dance, (Unforgettable – Nat King Cole and Natalie King Cole / Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton) and later still, Bre tossed the bouquet to the single ladies in attendance richardyung_dj(Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce).  Finally, as 11pm approached, it was time to conclude this two-venue, argyle sock wedding with the last dance (Rhythm of Love/Can’t Help Falling in Love – Straight No Chaser).  Bre and Rich went on to wedded bliss and it was an absolute treat to be their DJ

Congratulations to Rich and Breanna.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

Notable Songs

Chris Kurtz and Rebecca Fall Wedding



The month of May began up in the air. That doesn’t mean a feeling of uncertainty, it is actually quite literal… 20 stories up in the air to be exact. It was the debut of Salt City Sound Machine at the Crowne Plaza, a cylindrical high-rise hotel in the heart of downtown Syracuse. That Saturday was the wedding of Chris Kurtz and Rebecca Fall, a wedding which featured a ceremony and reception complete with 3 separate locations and set ups, and several familiar faces.

The first two parts of the day, the ceremony and cocktail hour, took place on the ground floor, separate of the 20 story high ballroom, which eventually housed the reception. In the Crowne Plaza’s Lafayette Room, guests were seated with music coming from the right side of the room and the groom with his groomsmen and the officiant located at the front of the room. The bridesmaids began to make their entrance to Marry Me by Train, all three walking in to back up their close friend or family member Becca. As they made their way into position, the song changed to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Becca’s entrance was meticulously timed out for her to emerge 1:09 into the song, when Christina Perri began the chorus. She walked in looking beautiful and met a waiting Chris at the front of the room. When the ceremony concluded, the Chris and Becca were officially married and walked out to the Bruno Mars song, Marry You.

After the ceremony, the setting transitioned to the lobby area outside the Lafayette Room for cocktail hour. Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres were offered to the guests along with drinks from the freshly opened bar. Salt City Sound Machine set up their speaker and set up the base of operations in an off shoot conference room with the speaker for music placed in the middle of lobby so that the guests could enjoy some good cocktail music. Of course, work and our current clients always come first, but this wedding afforded the opportunity to catch up with several familiar faces.

Many of our clients are within the same basic circle of family, friends, and acquaintances, so we got a chance to see past clients like Jeff and Kara Roche, Kevin and Mary Sheridan, Mike and Ashley Sheppard, Anthony and Danielle Gasparini, and future clients Ryan McFadden and Sarah Janssen, and Justin Kurtz and Shelby Mazone. In addition, Becca’s father, John, was honored in a ceremony that Salt City Sound Machine DJed back in January of 2014. Finally, many of the family and friends of those past weddings were in attendance for this one so they knew what to expect and what was in store for the reception. It is always nice to see so many familiar faces in a crowd and it would not be the last time in 2014 or in the future.

The third setting of the day brought everybody 20 stories above the city of Syracuse for the reception. There were challenges to getting sound to travel evenly due to the cylinder shape of the hotel, causing a round room, but overall, everyone seemed to have a good time and there were no complaints about dead zones or low volume. Before the guests entered the reception room, they were encouraged to ink their thumbs and press them onto a tree with their name to serve as Chris and Becca’s guest book. When the guests were finally seated it was time for the grand entrances.

The introductions featured parents, two groupings of three members of the wedding party and the bride and groom all coming out to individual themes. Kicking off the introductions was the parents of the groom, coming in to I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, followed by the parents of the bride and son of the bride and groom walking in to Bad Boys by Inner Circle. The wedding party was introduced as a trio of two bridesmaids and one groomsman walking in to Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G.   Following them was another trio consisting of the Best Men and Maid of Honor, entering to 3 by Britney Spears. Finally, Chris and Becca made their triumphant entrance to Marry Me by Jason Derulo.

When the entrances were over, it ushered in a set of specific dances, beginning with the first dance. For this occasion, Chris and Becca chose the song Almost Lose It by Trey Songz. Their guests and loved ones looked on as they danced their first dance in the middle of the oval room. When the first dance ended, a series of family dances began. They started with a father/daughter dance, using I Loved Her First by Heartland, followed by a mother/son dance, using My Wish by Rascal Flatts. Finally, they had both had a third dance with their son Julian to He Didn’t Have To Be by Brad Paisley. After the family dances, everyone took a seat and settled in for some toasts and a wonderful sit down dinner high atop the Syracuse skyline.

The rest of the night was completely dedicated to dancing and more dancing.   As previously mentioned, many of the guests were familiar with SCSM’s work, so making them happy was not difficult.   The dance floor filled almost immediately and stayed full throughout the night. But simple dancing was not enough for this group as the night lent itself to some memorable moments. First of which was an impromptu dance off between two guests, Derek and Kaitrin.   Each person had a single song of their own to show their moves, then they shared a song to battle at the end.

Derek started off with Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger and Kaitrin followed up dancing to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Then they brought the battle to the middle of the floor, facing off to Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-a-Lot complete with booty shaking and even a Worm. Who won?   That’s not important. The point is it was a memorable moment at the wedding that several people had fun with. Later in the night, there was a request for Time For Me To Fly by R.E.O. Speedwagon which led to several guests circling the dance floor with their arms extended as if they were airplanes… it was just another memorable moment along with all of the dancing that went on throughout the night.

Along with the dancing, Chris and Becca opted to have some more specific moments to celebrate as the night progressed. Soon after dinner ended, they cut their cake to The Sweetest Thing by U2. Later on in the night, they had scheduled some more moments to add some variety to the wedding. First were the Generations Dances, as we whittled down the guests to find out who has been married the longest. Based on the three song structure that SCSM has for the Generations Dances, the songs Chris and Becca chose were Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Grow Old with You, and Then.

Directly after the Generations Dances, Chris and Becca did a Bouquet/Garter toss. Becca tossed the bouquet to Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé while Chris took off Becca’s garter and tossed it to 50 Cent’s Candy Shop. Finally, the lucky guy who caught the garter put it on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet, while Sexy Can I by Ray J played through the speakers.

After a day featuring a ceremony, cocktail hour, and a reception overlooking the city of Syracuse, along with several different set ups for Salt City Sound Machine. After a day featuring a plethora of specific moments and non-stop dancing, it was time to say goodbye. The numbers began to thin out as the night went on and 11pm approached, we played the last dance of the night. Chris and Becca, for their final song of the night, chose All of Me by John Legend to finish out the night on a slow, more intimate level. It rounded out a very memorable wedding for all involved.

Congratulations to Chris and Becca.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine.  We wish you the best in the future!!

Notable Songs

Mike Ganley and Lisa Mengual Wedding


Jason here! This gig blog will be a bit different from the rest. It’s not often that I write these in the first person but for this one, I am compelled to do so. Reason being, I was not only DJ, but Best Man for this wedding… thus, I am a part of the narrative. So, I decided to tell the story of Mike Ganley and Lisa Mengual as I saw it on Memorial Day weekend of 2014, however only focusing on the wedding day itself, while leaving the pre and post wedding festivities locked in the minds of those who experienced them. Words can’t describe how happy I was and still am for Mike and Lisa and writing this gig blog is something I have very much looked forward to. Also big thanks to Josh Peckham and Gabe Petrocci for all their help that day.

The setting was Southport, North Carolina, the first time Salt City Sound Machine DJed outside of New York State. Initial fears of rainy weather were soon put to rest as the clouds parted and gave Mike and Lisa a very sunny day and wonderful views of the Cape Fear River.   Mike was often seen buzzing around the island on a rented golf cart that would eventually be decorated for the bride and groom. However this early on, Mike and the rest of the groomsmen were getting ready at a local bed and breakfast while Lisa and her bridesmaids were getting prepped at a rented house further down the road. In the middle rested the Southport Community Building, where a few hours later the two would be married and would celebrate their reception with family and friends.

The Southport Community Building was adorned with a rustic beach feel. The chairs for the ceremony were set up on the expansive deck and its pristine view of the river. Round Edison bulbs and a small chandelier were strung up and lit to give the deck some brightness as the day moved on into night later in the evening.   Throughout the outdoor area, seashells were used as the main theme of décor. There were seashells accenting tables and other thematic items such as fishing nets and mini lanterns, all culminating with an impressive visual of a large shell filled with toothpicks with mini shells on an end for hors d’oeuvres.   The stage was set and soon the deck was filled with guests ready to celebrate.

The ceremony began with some instrumental prelude music. Mike along with myself, his father, and the rest of the groomsman made our entrance from a set of stairs leading to the deck from the street. The bridesmaids entered from the Community Building onto the deck with Andy Lange’s cover of All of Me serving as their musical accompaniment. Finally, Lisa emerged from the Community Building, escorted down the aisle by her brother, Michael Mengual. The song she chose to play as she walked down the aisle was Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a perfect choice to accent the aesthetic of the day. The ceremony itself was quick, but wonderful and at its conclusion, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole played again for the recessional, but this time it was his version of What a Wonderful World.

Following the ceremony, Mike and Lisa buzzed around the island taking pictures that turned out to be extraordinary. Meanwhile, back at the Community Building, it was time for cocktail hour. Myself and my assistants for the day repositioned the sound equipment inside and the music began quickly. The guests had their choice to wait inside or enjoy the outdoors, and I’d say it was pretty split. The type of day it was made it pretty difficult to choose to go inside if the choice was presented. The cocktail hour ended up being extended due to the pictures, but everyone continued to be happy, entertained, and anticipatory of the reception that was about to occur.

When Mike and Lisa got back, we immediately got ready for the introductions.   First, Josh gave me an introduction and passed the reins of the reception to me. Once I got my microphone, the rest of the party was introduced to Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore, featuring Ryan Lewis. When Mike and Lisa finally made their triumphant entrance, the music changed and the wedding party took part in a choreographed dance of The Wobble by V.I.C. We had learned and practiced the dance the night before at the rehearsal and pulled it off quite nicely as you may see in the video at the bottom of the page.   Following the dance, Mike and Lisa took the dance floor for their first dance, which was My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder. It was a song that was the beginning of many songs and references pointing to the bride’s French heritage. Finally, when the dances were over, Mike and Lisa sat down, and after toasts from myself and Lisa’s sister, Laure, it was finally time to eat dinner.

I’ve seen a lot of interesting and new ideas in my time in this professional, but until this wedding I had never seen someone rent an outdoor pizza oven to serve for dinner. The guests seemed to really love it! Plus it made dinner go very quickly, as it allowed several people to get their dinner at a fast rate, therefore allowing more time for dancing later in the night.

When dinner ended, Mike and Lisa moved on to some more specific moments of the day. They cut the cake to Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen and then moved on to the family dances. The songs were shortened by request of the bride and groom, but in the meantime, Lisa danced with her brother, Michael, to Coeur de Rocker by Julian Clerc, and Mike danced with his mother, Terri, to Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. Later on in the night, they also had a bouquet and garter toss with Lisa tossing to all those single ladies in the house to Fancy by Drake, while Mike removed Lisa’s garter and did his own throw to Pony by Ginuwine.

As for dancing, the crowd was all about it. There was such a variety of songs on both the bride and groom’s request list and my own selections. The music ranged from the groove classics of old school Michael Jackson to the Folk Rock stylings of Mumford & Sons. At any given moment you could have walked in on a skank pit to Reel Big Fish’s Take On Me or a jig kick circle to Save Ferris’s Come On Eileen. Since we were in North Carolina, no wedding celebration would be complete without Petey Pablo’s Raise Up. The bride and groom had compiled an almost definitive playlist of great dance tunes, mostly ranging from the mid-90s to throughout the 2000’s. And as the night went on, everyone seemed to have more and more of a good time, to the point where we got to stay a little later than expected due to the generosity of the administration at the Southport Community Building.

But of course, all good things eventually have to come to an end, and the Ganley/Mengual wedding is no exception. After a long day of anticipation, excitement, and celebration, the guests arrived on the dance floor and danced to the final song of the night as chosen by Mike and Lisa, Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly.   Shortly after, the music was silenced and the crowd dispersed. Mike and Lisa took their golf cart back to the bed and breakfast and enjoyed the rest of their night alone. Luckily I got a chance to see my friend and his mikeganley_withdj
beautiful new wife together the following morning as I packed up for the long drive from Southport back to Syracuse, NY.   As for Mike and Lisa, they tied up some loose ends before taking off to an extended honeymoon travelling the coast of California.

Congratulations to Mike and Lisa. I was honored to do your wedding and wish you the best of luck in the future!


Notable Songs

Matt Bacoulis and Ashley Kanavy Wedding


Salt City Sound Machine was back on the road on the 24th of May in 2014, travelling West on the New York State Thruway to Buffalo, NY. Matt Bacoulis and Ashley Kanavy of South Dakota travelled back to Buffalo with their loved ones to get married on the third floor of the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception taking place in one of the best venues SCSM has had the privilege of working.

The third floor of Pearl Street consisted of a main room with two adjoining rooms on either side. The main room housed the cocktail hour and was used as the area for dancing, while the adjoining room to the right was used for the ceremony and dinner, and the room to the left was used for pictures. The day began with the ceremony. The officiant, groom, and groomsmen were already lined up in front of the brick of the right adjoining room. Soon after, Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole played as Ashley’s five bridesmaids made the ceremony processional.

The song changed to the same artist’s rendition of What a Wonderful World as Ashley emerged from the doorway and down the aisle. The ceremony was short but excellent, noted by a reading of a rewritten version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics by officiant Walter Gabriel. It was a moment that stood out amongst the common ceremony. When Matt and Ashley were finally married and the ceremony came to a close, the two chose to walk out to their recessional song, Happy by Pharrell Williams. The ceremony space was then transtitioned into the dining room while guests made their way into the main room for cocktail hour and the left adjoining room for pictures.

At the conclusion of the cocktail hour, the guests were hurried back into the room where they sat for the ceremony and the reception began. First order of business was the official introduction of the parents, wedding party, and the newly named Matt and Ashley Bacoulis.   Each category of people had their own theme music starting with the parents, who were introducted to Forever by Chris Brown. They were followed by the wedding party, whose theme was Timber by Pitbull. Finally, Matt and Ashley made their triumphant introduction into their wedding reception, choosing to walk in to Poppin’ My Collar by Three 6 Mafia.

Matt and Ashley made their entrance being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Ashley Bacoulis and quickly hit the dance floor for their first dance. The song they chose for their first dance was one that would be seen several more times in SCSM’s 2014 season, All of Me by John Legend. Matt and Ashley danced wonderfully as their family and loved ones watched on.   Following the first dance were the parents dances, as Ashley took the first turn, dancing with her father to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. Following the Father/Daughter dance was the Mother/Son dance, where Matt and his mother danced to The Perfect Fan by the Backstreet Boys. Finally, following a few speeches and toasts, it was time to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.

When dinner concluded the dance floor was opened up for some dancing. The guests really enjoyed the extended dance time totaling in over 3 hours of dance time. They especially liked group dances, the Cupid Shuffle in particular. The guests gathered to dance and have a great time, that continued to pick up steam as the night went on. Later in the night, as party began to wind down a bit, Matt and Ashley and several guests gathered on a balcony at Pearl Street to light paper lanterns as a celebratory release to float high over the city of Buffalo. Unfortunately, there were some lighting issues with the lanterns and they didn’t get many to successfully rise, but there were a few that did make it. Despite the lanterns being a bit of a bust, there was still plenty of time to dance and have a good time.

In addition to the dancing, there were a few specific parts of the reception that still needed to happen. First was the cake cutting, occurring roughly and hour after dinner concluded. The song Matt and Ashley chose to cut the cake was I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) by The Four Tops. About 45 minutes later, they had some more fun with Generations Dances and a Bouquet and Garter Toss. The married couples in the house all gathered on the dance floor as we little-by-little found out who had been married the longest. The songs that they all danced to were At Last by Etta James and The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. Directly following the Generations Dances, Ashley gathered all of her single friends on the dance floor as she tossed the bouquet to Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) by Beyonce and Matt gathered his single guy friends to toss as well to the song Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top.

As the night wore on, it was finally time to pack up and head out of Buffalo.   For our lovely couple, they were
eventually off to their home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Matt works as the Offensive Line Coach for the
Augustana College Vikings football team.   For Salt City Sound Machine, it was back to Syracuse to rest up for an even longer trip in the days ahead.   However, mattbacoulis_ashleykanavy_withdjbefore everyone went their separate ways, it was time for the final dance of the night. Matt and Ashley opted to have the final song be DJ’s Choice, so Salt City Sound Machine chose the Justin Timberlake/Michael Jackson remake of Love Never Felt So Good, with Poppin’ My Collar mixed into the end to allow Matt, Ashley, and their friends to dance a bit more to a song they love.   And that, ladies and gentleman, marked the end of the Bacoulis wedding.

Congratulations to Matt and Ashley.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine.  We wish you the best in the future and Go Augustana!!


Notable Songs

Adam Quinn and Bonnie Silberbogen Wedding


Travelling is always an interesting facet of the job.  You never know what to expect, what the venues are going to be like, if the people’s music tastes are going to be different… there’s a lot to consider.  In 2014, Salt City Sound Machine took the show on the road to North Carolina and on the weekend of July 26, 2014, a few hours after rocking the Garback wedding, we were once again on the road.  This time, the destination was Holyoke, Massachusetts for the wedding of Adam Quinn and Bonnie Silberbogen… a wedding that proved that leaving the nest once in a while can be a great time.

Adam and Bonnie were already getting married outside as the set up began for the reception and once the cheers and the excitement was heard, it was time to entertain for the cocktail hour that took place on the outdoor patio, not far from where the vows were said.  Cocktails were both indoors and outdoors while the wedding party took advantage of the scenic backdrops the Log Cabin provided.  One of the top features at the wedding was a large ice sculpture in the shape of a Q.  The cocktail hour was extended for a little whole so that our couple could be 100% ready before they made their eventual entrance.

Adam and Bonnie and their wedding party and parents lined up in the back of the ballroom, set to make their grand entrances.  The parents had their own theme (Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti and Spearhead) and they were followed by the wedding party, each also with their own individual themes.  All of the themes are listed above, but what they all had in common were that they were all upbeat and really got the crowd’s energy levels up.  Finally, after all of the Lady Gagas, Pitbulls, and Pinks of the world were done accompanying the wedding party in, it was then time for Adam and Bonnie to make their walk into their wedding reception to the chorus of their song of choice (On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons)

With everyone inside, it was time to officially start the reception and Adam and Bonnie did not wait to get anything out of the way.   Most of the specific moments and dances were taken care of right in this block of time between the introductions and dinner.  This was actually a brilliant strategy as it allowed for more time for dancing after dinner.  Starting off the festivities was the first dance between Adam and Bonnie.  They chose for their first dance a vocal mash-up of two popular songs, performed by a popular acapella group (Somewhere Over the Rainbow/I’m Yours – Straight No Chaser).

They followed that up with a tandem Parent’s Dance in which Adam danced with his mother and Bonnie danced with her father simultaneously (What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong).  After which, everyone sat down for some sometimes heartfelt, sometimes hilarious toasts by the Best Man and Maid of Honor.  Finally, the pre-dinner sequence concluded with the Cake Cutting (Sugar, Sugar – The Archies) which usually happens after dinner, but with the 4-course meal planned, the cake would serve as the dessert and 4th course.

With all of that official stuff out of the way, it opened up the flood gates for close to 4 hours of dance time.  The crowd was easy to please with several familiar faces, including a couple former and future Salt City Sound Machine clients, despite the Massachusetts location, so the dance floor was full throughout the night.  Indeed, the Syracuse mixing with the Massachusetts crowd led to one inevitable conclusion: These people wanted to party, and they absolutely did.  There were several requests throughout the night but for the most part, it was kept pretty modern.  I can remember that as the night that taught me how effective Don Omar’s Danza Kuduro can be with the right crowd.

Overall it was a good mix that people tended to enjoy throughout the night and into the next day!  The night was slated to end at 12 am, but was extended to 1am, so the wedding itself was a two day affair, reminiscent of the 2009 Syracuse vs. Connecticut 6 overtime game, something that this adamquinn_djcrowd could appreciate.  As 1am approached, the final song of the night (Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen) was played as Adam and Bonnie were surrounded by a kick line and a huge dance to end the night.

Congratulations to Adam and Bonnie.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine and we wish you the best of luck in the future!


Notable Songs

Mike Garback and Jen Mullett Wedding


The day was set for another outdoor wedding in front of the fountain at Traditions at the Links.  This time it was a little more personal being the wedding of a close family friend, complete with the adorable little Harper making the whole day about 100% cuter.

Guests were gathered outside the main building and gathered around the gazebo and fountain that is a cornerstone for weddings at Traditions.  Guests were seated as the ceremony began with the groom making his walk down the aisle with his Best Man not far behind. In a last minute addition, Mike chose a song to accompany him into his wedding (Eye of the Tiger – Survivor).  When Mike was in place, the Matron of Honor made her way down the aisle for the Processional (Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole) while wheeling in a decorated wagon the lovely daughter of the bride and groom.  Finally, emerging from the 2nd story clubhouse with her father on her arm, Jen made her way down the flight of steps and down the aisle for her wedding (Lover Lay Down – Dave Matthews Band).  Finally, after the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, Mike and Jen were married and they left their ceremony to the Recessional (All You Need is Love – The Beatles) and into the beautiful reception that awaited them.

After an extended cocktail hour, the reception began in the main ball room at Traditions. To their credit, Mike and Jen had some pretty cool features for their guests to enjoy.  As it usually is, the candy buffet was incredibly popular, this one with an added touch of including a Dave Matthews lyric to accompany the confectionary concoctions.  They also had their ways of making their dance floor both exciting and comfortable offering glow toys and flip flops for those ladies who didn’t want to dance barefoot after taking off their uncomfortable shoes.  To round it off, something new for an SCSM wedding and my favorite feature of the wedding, Jenga pieces for the guests to sign and “build memories” with.  Very nice indeed.

The reception started with the introductions (Happy – Pharrell Williams), which were done very quickly with two sets of parents, a best man/matron of honor, and Mike and Jen walking in with their daughter, Harper.  Immediately after, Mike and Jen were on the floor, dancing their first dance (All of Me – John Legend) as their loved ones looked on.  After the first dance, there was a tandem Father/Daughter dance (It Won’t Be Like This For Long – Darius Rucker) featuring Jen dancing with her father at the same time Mike danced with Harper.  It was a wonderful moment and a highlight of the night.  Finally, following speeches and toasts, everyone settled in for dinner.

Dancing was a good time.  Everyone seemed to be pretty energetic and they were glowing… literally.  Group dances and slow dances were especially popular.  To accompany the specific moments of the day, Jen grabbed the microphone, sat down Mike on the dance floor and gave him a live performance of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love with her friends serving as backup dancers.  They also had a cake cutting (I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) – The Four Tops), cutting a ceremonial cake at the top of a cupcake tower for their guests.  Later in the night, Jen and Mike also wanted a generations dance, getting all the married couples on the dance floor and finding out who’s been married the longest (Grow Old With You – Adam Sandler, When I’m 64 – The Beatles, Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton).

11pm brought the end of the night and with it, the final dance of the night.  Mike and Jen opted for a fast dance to close the night out (Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake) for a retro, but still modern feel.  The guests formed a circle around Mike and Jen as the song went on with them dancing in mikegarback_djthe middle.  Finally, as the song was moving on, the circle collapsed into a big dance party that everyone enjoyed.  It was a fitting end for a wonderful couple, off to enjoy life with Harper in tow.

Congratulations to Mike and Jen.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine and we wish you the best of luck in the future!


Notable Songs

Mike McClusky Kristen Serens Wedding


Barn weddings were big in 2014 in Central New York.  They’ve been popular for a while now, but with the emergence of venues like MJK Farms, Wolf Oak Acres, and the new Hayloft on the Arch in Vernon Center, it became more of a commonplace wedding venue, almost as common as a hotel or golf club.  They offer a rustic aesthetic with a massive space, usually large enough to house a ceremony, dinner, and plenty of room for dancing… not to mention the landscape views that tend to come with them.  The Mike McClusky/Kristen Serens wedding was a barn wedding taking place in July of 2014 at Hayloft on the Arch and it took advantage of everything a barn wedding has to offer.

Mike and Kristen were already in the process of getting married when Salt City Sound Machine arrived.  The sprawling area of Hayloft on the Arch allowed us to get in without being seen or interrupting anything.  After a quick set up, the ceremony ended and cocktail hour began on the patio area outside the barn.  Meanwhile, inside, the barn was set up as multi-tiered floors.  The top part and main area doubled as the dining room and dancing area.  Behind the dining area, down a few steps, was a lounging area and bar, with cake and other fun things on the floor below the bar.  Cocktail hour lasted the full hour and it was soon time to do the introductions.

The reception began with the introductions where the couples entered up the stairs, into the dance area.  The parents had their own theme song (Happy – Pharrell) and were followed by the wedding party, who also had their own individual theme songs.  For those interested, the songs and artists are listed above, but they were mostly hip-hip and pop songs ranging from Chris Brown to Iggy Azalea with a Jason Aldean thrown in for a little bit of country.  Mike and Kristen made their entrance (Bring Em Out – T.I.) to a standing ovation.  Everyone remained standing for the First Dance (All Of Me (Unplugged) – John Legend) as Mike and Kristen enjoyed their moment as husband and wife.  Many people sat during the next sequence, which included the Father/Bride dance… with a very emotional father (I Loved Her First – Heartland), Mother/Groom dance (The Man You’ve Become – No Limitz), and speeches and toasts leading up to a great buffet dinner.

Dancing was after dinner and this was a really fun group.  The volume had to stay down a little bit per the open air nature and location of Hayloft on the Arch, but that did not seem to deter anyone from having a good time.  Group dances were especially popular with the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide standing out as the songs that got the biggest reactions.  Later on, the Stanky Leg even played much to the delight of the bride.  As the night progressed, things got more and crazier with the dances getting more exciting.  At one point the father of the bride ended up shirtless and one of the groomsmen grabbed the mic for a huge sing-along.  Interspersed throughout the night was also a fair amount of slow dances, which are usually a crowd pleaser.

As for specific moments, there really weren’t many.  Mike and Kristen opted against doing wedding standards such as the Bouquet Toss or the Dollar Dance in favor of more of a dance based reception.  Of course, there is no right or wrong way to structure a wedding reception and the way they did it actually worked in their favor since the dancing was so well received.  There was one moment that they did do: the cake cutting.  The moment took place on the first floor of the barn, at the base of the steps leading up to the barn.  Mike and Kristen cut their cake to their chosen song (Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations) and quickly met their guest back on the dance floor while their guests could help themselves to the cupcakes and cookies laid out for themMuch like the previous night, 11pm came marked the end of the night.


Also, much like the night before the bride chose the same song for their last dance ((I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes) and they all danced and enjoyed as the night came to a close.

Congratulations to Mike and Kristen.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine and we wish you the best of luck in the future!


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